Linux:Users, Groups, Rights


Kivonat: chmod, chown, chgrp, id, su
  • Create an empty file in your home directory named Test!
  • Set permissions for this file: the owner must be able to read, write and execute, members of the group should read and execute, others do not have any permissions!
  • Change the ownership of this file! The new owner should be the system administrator! (Why doesn't it work?)
  • Let the group of that file be the staff group! (Why doesn't it work?)
  • Change its privileges to: rw-r--r--! What does it exactly mean?
  • When other users run this file, they should have your rights. How can you reach that?
  • This file sould run with the group rights!
  • Create a directory named TestDir! How can you reach that all users be able create files there but be able to to delete only their own files in it!
  • Create a directory named Common! It should be really common, all users must be able to create and delete any files in it. How can you reach it?
  • Ask your own identifier and your group identifier!
  • Change to an anoter user temporary! (Use your classmate's name and password!)
  • Review the contens of the /etc/passwd and the /etc/group files! What are the meanings of fields in lines?
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